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Active Backlink Management Services

Maintain the foundation that underpins your search engine rankings

Managing the way your website is linked into the web

Links to and from your website are the lifeblood of SEO! They increase traffic and improve Google rankings - but only if they’re the right type of links. Nobody said SEO was easy, you know!

We will work with you to clean up your catalogue of backlinks, removing any that are doing you harm. Just as importantly, we’ll work with you to help you to create the type of links Google loves!


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Backlinks are the links pointing to your website from other sites. They are important for SEO because search engines give more credit to websites with a good number of quality backlinks, and trust these sites more for ranking purposes.

In the past, just having a large volume of backlinks was enough to make you rank highly, but now this is not the case. In fact, backlinks from low quality or spammy websites will often damage you, especially where Google is concerned.

In order to protect the visibility of your website, your backlinks must be reviewed on a regular basis – and this is where Two Digital’s backlink management service will help you.

Your backlink audit

If you have a website with any presence at all, you will almost certainly have picked up some poor quality links. These may have been from the creators of old-style directories, competitors, or even previous SEO work you have had carried out. Often, we find that the number of "bad" backlinks runs into hundreds or even thousands.

So the first step in our backlink management process is a comprehensive audit, which will identify the backlinks that point to your website, analyse the profile and assess its quality.  We will also check whether you have an existing Google penalty from previous algorithm updates, isolate the low-quality links that will restrict you from ranking well, and provide a summary of the action that needs to be taken.

The work we do

We research and locate low quality backlinks, and communicate with webmasters and with Google (via a "disavow file") to remove them as a threat to you.  This process needs repeating on a regular basis to keep your profile clean.

These tasks involve a combination of know-how and in-house software tools. We have been actively involved in this process since 2013 (that is, since it became necessary), and have successfully removed and disavowed many thousands of poor backlinks to keep clients' SEO free from adverse effects.

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