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Managing Your Social Media Channels

Boosting your online presence by developing your community

Using the channels that get you results

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat ... with so many social media channels to choose from, do you really need a presence on all of them?

The short answer is no. It's actually a guarateed way to burn your budget for no benefit. We will identify the social media channels that are the right fit for your business, ensuring you build powerful connections with contacts who can enhance your brand – and open doors to exciting new opportunities.


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It’s easy to post the occasional tweet, comment or message, but using social media as an effective part of your marketing strategy requires a great deal of time, thought and effort.  In order to reap the rewards of social networking sites, you must understand your target audience, your competitors, and what is trending in your niche.

Many businesses lack the resources (and the knowledge) to manage their social media channels properly, and because of this, they miss out on the opportunities these platforms could bring.  By outsourcing your social media channel management to us, your profile will get the attention it deserves, and you'll realise the potential that exists.

Social media audit and strategy

Creating a company profile on your preferred social media sites and announcing your news from time to time is not a social media strategy, but that's the most common approach that people take. To get a real return, you need to think through what you need, set objectives, and measure the results.

We start by discussing what you want to get from this channel, and setting clear objectives.  If you are already using social media, we will perform an audit of your existing activity to see how effective it is, and how it compares to others in your market.  If not, we will investigate how best to start.

Our research identifies ways you can maximise the benefits, and gives us a good base from which to develop a strategic plan that is tailored to your business.  Putting this strategy in place will ensure that you reach, and influence, the people in your target market and gain the maximum advantage from your investment.

Executing your plan

Successful social media activity needs appropriate profiles to be set up, targets to be identified, and continual interaction to take place. And also patience: if you try to rush the process, you will destroy your focus, and actually repel people, not attract them.

Also remember that Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and so on all work in different ways, so we only use the platforms that are going to yield the best results for you.

Reputation management

As well as promoting what you do, it is important to be aware of any negativity that may exist. Social media allows anyone to post anything they want, and by identifying adverse comments - and dealing with them in an open, non-defensive way - we will minimise any reputational damage they may cause.

In fact, by being responsive to perceived problems, we can often turn a negative comment into an example of great customer awareness and service.

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